Our Mission...

The International Bereavement Doula Association is bringing health care providers together with professionals that work with bereaved parents. By offering a professional training for bereavement doulas, which is not only giving them the necessary tools and skills on hand to support bereaved parents, but also teaching them, how to grow a sustainable business and important self care skills, that are necessary when you work in this field, we close the gab between overwhelmed families and the resources they need.

We are building a reliable system of support and professionalism, on which bereaved families can rely on, when their world is falling apart. With compassion and knowledge we will guide them through that difficult time and provide resources and support.

Our Training Programs

We offer two different kind of trainings:

Workshops as an add on for doulas, care providers, and professionals that work with pregnant people. Those workshops are giving  guidance for those who might work with a person who experiences a loss. They are not meant to replace a bereavement doula training! They are meant to prepare providers for 'what ifs'. 

Certification Programs are designed to not only give the doulas the tools on hand to support their clients, but also to build sustainable businesses. While this is based on basic business skills, as a bereavement doula, they need to have the tools on hand to take care of themselves and to recover from the work that they are doing. The Certification Program creates a base for professionalism, compassion, and peer support for bereavement doulas.

Who we work with

As our goal is not only to train professional bereavement doulas, but also connecting them with providers and other professionals. While our list is constantly growing, we are especially proud to work together with www.birthwaves.org. Birthwaves is a doula agency that is specialized in providing bereavement doulas for clients in need. Birthwaves is going national early this month and we will make sure, that professional bereavement doulas can turn their passion and gift into a career, that will touch and change lives. Birthwaves is a non-profit organization who depends on donations.